FootGolf at Pulai Springs Resort


Johor's First FootGolf now available at Pulai Springs Resort, Johor Bahru.


Pay for 18 Holes, Enjoy UNLIMITED ROUNDS!

Weekday (Mon to Fri): RM30 nett per person
Weekend (Sat & Sun & Malaysia PH): RM35 nett per person

Time / Sessions:

Operation Hours: 8.00am to 7.30pm (last tee-off at 6.00pm)

Other terms and conditions:
- Ball rental at RM5 nett (refundable deposit of RM20 nett
- Valid for continuous game only
- Register at the Sports Centre at Pulai Springs Resort

To reserve your slots, please WhatsApp: +6019 755 5198 or fill up the 'Request for Reservation' form above and we will get in touch with you.


1. Footwear- Golf shoes or regular sports shoes. NO football boots with studs/ cleats allowed

2. Choose different coloured balls for each player in your group so you know which ball is yours 

3. The first kick must be taken from between the 'Tee' markers for each hole. White markers are for good players, Yellow markers for children, ladies and beginners
4. The ball must be kicked- no pushing or scooping allowed

5. The ball must stop moving before the next kick is allowed to be taken

6. The person whose ball is furthest from the flag should play first

7. If someone's ball is in the way, let them play first to speed up play. Or, the position should be marked by that player and the ball picked up, then put back in the same place after your ball played through

8. The ball should be played from where it lies at all times except the following:
- if it goes into the water, long grass or scrub, the ball should be retrieved carefully and placed within two steps of the point where it went in. ADD one shot penalty to your score for that hole

9. Please do not enter the water to retrieve your ball. Use the nets provided and / or wait for the ball to come to the edge of the pond. Let other groups play through necessary

10. Record how many kicks you had for each hole and write the score on the scorecard

11. The person with the lowest score should play first on the next hole

12. Please take care of the course, collect your rubbish and be courteous to other players

13. If there is lightning about, please go to the rain shelters or back to the clubhouse 

14. Have fun!!